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Our approach

We use a 4 stage pathway to help you shape a resilient and regenerative business. Our approach is fully customised to suit each business we work with.





During our initial complementary consultation, we seek to understand where you are in your sustainability journey, what are the areas that you want to prioritise, how much support you need to implement sustainability strategies, and what is your timeframe and budget. We discuss the 4 stages as they would apply to your business so you can then decide if this is the best fit for you.

If we decide to work together, we will apply the following 4-stage approach. However, any of the four stages can be worked on individually, according to your needs.


Determining your Impact Scorecard

Our 4 stage pathway begins with a rigorous and thorough analysis of the environmental and social impacts of your business. This is a diagnostic step that will identify the things that you are already doing well and areas where things could be done better.

We believe that using a rigorous sustainability framework is essential to accurately assessing your business and designing a unique improvement strategy. We perform a detailed assessment of the entire company and its practices relating to Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers.

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At the end of this Impact Assessment, we will provide you with two documents:


  • Impact Scorecard- this will provide you with valuable insights into your company's impact performance and how it stacks up on key sustainability issues. The impact score can be compared with other businesses both within your industry and across other sectors.


  • Impact Improvement Proposal- this sets out the short-term, medium-term and long-term initiatives that can be taken to improve your business's sustainability practices. The Proposal will also set out options for the various levels of support we can provide to help you implement an Impact Improvement Plan so you know exactly what will be the budget, resources and time requirements.



Implementing your Impact Improvement Plan

Once we have worked together to agree on the scope of our support, we will team with you to project manage your Impact Improvement Plan.


This project will involve many of our services including things like; managing supply chain risk and sustainability, creating and implementing an employee engagement strategy, designing an employee health & wellness program, measuring and tracking your carbon footprint, designing an Environmental Management System, performing a Materiality Analysis, or providing sustainability training for workers and suppliers. What we do will depend on the priorities that we set together following our Impact Assessment.

You can learn more about our Services here.

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Designing your Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

The foundations of a resilient and regenerative business are built on effective and mutually beneficial stakeholder communication, transparency and collaboration.

As the business paradigm continues to shift towards a stakeholder economy, an effective Stakeholder Engagement Strategy becomes greatly important. This is a crucial element for the success of your transition to a sustainable, positive-impact business.

We work with you to map your key stakeholders, assess the status of your current engagement, and design a business-wide strategy to improve your stakeholder engagement, aligning it with your sustainability strategy.



Becoming a resilient, high-performing business

The sustainability journey is one of continuous improvement, and this quality is the cornerstone of becoming an adaptive and resilient business in face of the challenges that lie ahead.

We design a Continuous Improvement Plan that will review the outcomes of our impact improvement and engagement strategies. This is where your business truly undergoes a transformation into an impactful business. Have the goals been reached? Can they be extended further? What other areas can we target for improvement that weren't previously prioritised? Where can we achieve not just improvement, but positive impact for people and planet?

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Start building your impactful business now.

Tell us about your sustainability journey so far and we will get in touch with you to see how we can work together.

Geneva, Switzerland.

Brisbane, Australia.

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