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Assessing your impact

We assess business environmental and social impact using the most comprehensive sustainability assessment frameworks available, including the B-Impact Assessment, Future-Fit Business Benchmarks, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our assessment process will involve a number of meetings or workshops, depending on the size and complexity of your business. This can be done face to face or via video conference, depending on your location.

These assessment meetings are a critical step that will help you define a performance baseline across all areas of your business including governance, impact on the environment, the community, your workers and your customers. You can learn how assessing your impact fits within our 4-stage approach here.

S Impact Management

Engaging your stakeholders

Creating an impactful company requires business leaders to define their mission as creating long-term value not only for shareholders, but also for customers, suppliers, employees, communities, the environment, and all other stakeholders.


Our 5-step framework for Stakeholder Engagement aligns with the global AA1000SE Standard. Using this framework, we help you design an engagement strategy that identifies your stakeholders and their key issues, establishes appropriate engagement methods, documents engagement outputs, develops action plans and communicates the outcomes and impact of your strategy.

Communicating and collaborating effectively with stakeholders is the foundation for coherent and sustainable impact management.

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S Stakeholder Engagement
S Good Governance
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Designing Good Governance

We help you to design stakeholder-aligned governance that balances the competing objectives of all stakeholder groups to create shared benefits for all.

We review your current governance policies and practices to understand what you are already doing well and the areas that can be improved. We perform a Materiality Analysis to understand and prioritise the key risks in your business and sector. We help you set social and environmental KPIs, create internal controls and ensure that you have implemented all necessary ethics policies and practices into your company.

We help you to ensure that your business's social and environmental performance is a part of the decision-making process over time, regardless of company ownership.

S Environmental Impact

Creating positive environmental impact

​We help you to measure your environmental footprint so you can begin the journey to becoming a net positive impact business.

We help you design and implement an Environmental Management System covering waste generation, energy usage, water usage, carbon emissions and natural resource usage. We set benchmarks for each of these to help you measure progress towards achieving positive impact.

​We help you measure and monitor your business's scope 1,2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions and set science-based net-zero reduction targets that align with the SBTi Global Net-Zero Standard.

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S Supply Chain Sustainability
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Greening your supply chain

The biggest environmental and social impact is often found within a company's supply chain. Leveraging this can be one of the most important ways for your business to create positive impact in the world.

By working with your suppliers your company can influence human rights, labour rights, climate resilience, environmental protection, an inclusive economy and ethical business practices.

We help you: 

  • Design and implement a Supplier Engagement Strategy

  • Assess and map you supply chain risk

  • Measure and manage your supply chain GHG emissions

  • Create a Supplier Code of Conduct

  • Provide Sustainability Training to your suppliers

S Employee Engagemnt

Engaging your employees

​Because of the importance of this stakeholder group to the success of a business, we focus on your business's employee engagement strategies.

We help you:

  • Design Employee Health & Wellness Programs

  • Perform Satisfaction Surveys

  • Define Professional Development Policies

  • Implement Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategies

  • Define employee Policies and Procedures

  • Provide Sustainability Training

  • Create a Green Team


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S Certification
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Certifying as a B Corp

We are committed to growing the B Corp movement by helping companies become certified. We are passionate about this global movement and would love to help you join the B Corp community.

We do not certify companies, this is done through a verification process by B Lab.

We help you:

  • become a certified B Corp by guiding you through the entire process

  • improve your impact score if you have already started the process

  • prepare for re-certification if you are already certified.


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Start building an impactful business.

If you're curious about becoming a B Corp or simply adopting a more impact-oriented business model, book a free consultation now.

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