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About us

The mission of Impactful is to help business owners build resilient, regenerative companies by implementing best practice social and environmental strategies.


Our purpose is to help create impactful businesses that are the building blocks of a regenerative economy.

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Mark Reid

Founder & Consultant

I started Impactful because I believe in the power of business as a force for good to bring about transformative changes in the economy and the world.


Before starting Impactful, I worked for over 3 decades in capital markets advisory roles to businesses of all sizes, ranging from small family companies to publicly listed corporations. I’ve worked across varied industries, including agriculture, mining, property development, manufacturing, transportation, and education. I’ve successfully managed and operated my own small business, giving me first-hand experience of the challenges that face entrepreneurs.


I have a passion for working with companies, and I understand business. I know how to listen to clients, assess where their strengths and challenges lie, and collaborate with them to best achieve their goals.

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Geneva, Switzerland.

Brisbane, Australia.

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Email  :

Phone : +41 76 440 8293

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