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Mark Reid

Founder & Consultant

I started Impactful because I believe in the power of business as a force for good to bring about transformative changes in the economy and the world.


Before starting Impactful, I worked for over 3 decades in capital markets advisory roles to businesses of all sizes, ranging from small family companies to publicly listed corporations. I’ve worked across varied industries, including agriculture, mining, property development, manufacturing, transportation, and education. I’ve successfully managed and operated my own small business, giving me first-hand experience of the challenges that face entrepreneurs.


I have a passion for working with companies, and I understand business. I know how to listen to clients, assess where their strengths and challenges lie, and collaborate with them to best achieve their goals.


With the benefit of over 30 years of experience, I know that we sit at a crucial juncture in the evolution of the business world. I have seen businesses grow in terms of shareholder return, thriving at the expense of the environment and the societies in which they operate. In the face of a climate crisis, a collapse in biodiversity, and tragic social inequities, it is abundantly clear that the business world must change.


This realisation led me to pursue studies in social entrepreneurship, sustainability strategies, systems thinking, impact management and completion of the B Corp "B Leader Program".


Impactful allows me to combine my passion for helping business owners with my deep desire to contribute toward transformative change to the traditional ways of doing business.

Geneva, Switzerland.

Brisbane, Australia.

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Email  :

Phone : +41 76 440 8293

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